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R A. Ramballi Ministries has the cross of JESUS as foundation. Vertically engraved on it in red letters symbolizing the blood He shed to pay our debts, is the word intercession. JESUS' sacrifice was His supreme prayer for us and His desire is that our love for souls manifests itself in a powerful, passionate and perseverant intercession.

We His servants can lead them into the Kingdom, snatching them from eternal fire and from a miserable life away from or without GOD. Intercession will open for us the floodgates of heaven and many doors on earth. Battles are won on our knees.

GOD wants our lives and desires to build an intimate and durable relationship with all who will step inside. He is passionate about us. He wishes everyone to discover the riches of His presence and to know they have been created to honor, adore and love Him. The highest call on our lives is to know GOD and make Him known. 

GOD's promise to those who come to Him in faith and humility. GOD wants and can save, heal, set free, comfort, lift up, rebuild, and much more. He still wants to make signs, miracles and wonders among us this year, just like in His Word. He also wants to use us.

If we believe it, we will heal the sick by the power of His HOLY SPIRIT and we will set the oppressed free for His glory. Nothing rejoices Him more than seeing His children united, helping each other, having fun and walking together. Beautiful friendships will flourish in these Ministries. They will support each other through the physical, intellectual, emotional and financial battles of their daily life. And spiritually, they will fortify one another's faith and will deepen their knowledge of GOD.

The Gospel may vary, but the goal is always the same: to glorify the name of GOD and bring eternal life in JESUS to lost souls. The limits of this GOD-created refuge are destined to extend, so that the grace can conquer the desert. We who follow CHRIST and whom He fills with His love, relentlessly look for someone to help. This is what we live for. We concretely turn this Ministries dream into a reality? By devoting ourselves to prayer and Fasting and works.

GOD's intervention is conditional to our intercession and our participation in His sovereign plan. It depends on us. But alone we will fail miserably. He has a plan, we need only to listen and obey. Each of us has a part of the plan to carry out. So, let's each take up our cross and walk in the path GOD has drawn. Above all, by devoting ourselves to the service of GOD, we will grow in our friendship with Him.

What honors, privilege and responsibility to have been appointed by the Father to serve His precious people, what anticipated joy. Let no trouble or burden from this commitment succeed in making us forget that it is a blessing to be a tool in His hands to bring souls into His Kingdom.

By giving what we have and of ourselves, we become richer in Him and find happiness. May our personal lives, pure and upright, fill the heavens with a pleasant scent and be a powerful testimony to the glory of CHRIST for all we'll meet this year! His Kingdom come, His will be done Amen.



FOUNDER: R. A Ramballi